Motul 300V 4T Competition Synthetic Motor Oil

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Finally a high quality synthetic motor oil designed specifically for your performance engine. Motul’s 300V 4T Competition Synthetic Oil is one of the best options when you want to fill your machine with top of the line fluids.

The 100% ester formula of the 300V 4T Engine Oil provides incredible amounts of lubricity, meaning when you put it in your engine it will run smooth and wear less. With Motul putting all of their experience and knowledge into this oil, you can count on receiving continuous performance, especially since this oil surpasses existing standards, passes the JASO T904 wet clutch compatibility test, and has running oil temps up to 365°F. USE Motul 300V 4T Competition Synthetic Motor Oil during your next oil change and you and your machine will be ready to ride full speed.


  • 100% ester synthetic 4-cycle oil for highly modified engines
  • Running oil temps up to 365° F.
  • Surpasses existing factory oil standards