LS2 Stripper Helmet Matte Black

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The LS2 Stripper Motorcycle Half Helmet, everything you need to be legal, and nothing you don't. Three shell sizes ensure a low profile, comfortable fit. Ultralight, ultra tough Kinetic Polymer Alloy shell. Simple pleasure with no frills. Meets or exceeds DOT standards.


-Bare bones design meets or exceeds DOT standards.

-Three shells for the smallest, lightest helmet possible.

-All-day comfortable intermediate oval fit. 


Using a soft measuring tape, measure around the crown- The largest diameter around your head.

Start approx 2cm (0.78 inch) above your eyebrows, keeping the tape above your ears, and around the back of your head at the largest point.

Compare the measurements with the head circumference details (cm / inches) at the bottom of the helmet product description to determine which helmet will fit you best. This can be easier if you have somebody to assist you 

Remember that the helmet size you choose should fit around the crown of your head comfortably with no pressure points. The cheek pads should fit firmly around your face. Once your chin strap is fastened, grab the chin bar of the helmet and move it side to side. Your cheeks should move with the helmet and not slide across your face. 

*Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.